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What is Stella’s Place?

We are THE place for young adults in Toronto, aged 16 to 29, who are experiencing mental health challenges and who want to learn about the best way to move forward and to get the support they need.
Our first hub location, a welcoming place to connect with peers and professionals, is in downtown Toronto in the Spadina and Richmond area, at 18 Camden Street.
We know that you will want to connect with others who have been through the same kind of experience as you move forward. At Stella’s Place, you will have many opportunities to connect with peer support.
You may want to explore your health and mental health needs, as well as what skills, strengths and supports you have and what else you may need to be who you want to be—your best self.
You may want to find out what we offer at Stella’s Place or whether Stella’s is for you.
The Stella’s Place ‘menu’ includes peer supports, clinical, employment, wellness, and recovery services as well as opportunities to explore your creative self through studio programs. The goal of this holistic approach is to help young adults learn skills, find connection and become empowered to manage their own health. We also offer peer support chat and resources online as a way for people to connect with Stella’s. Everything at Stella’s Place has been, and will always be, designed by young adults, with young adults, for young adults.
We are committed to including young adults with lived and diverse experience in design, delivery and evaluation - along with professionals - to ensure relevant and responsive programs. We will always offer many ways for you to get involved. We are currently Toronto-based and provide much-needed support to more than 500 young adults and their families each year. Our services will be accessible to all. 
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At Stella's Place there is a community of people similar to me, a community that will keep growing, and I haven't found that anywhere else. - Stella’s Place Community Member