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What makes us different from other mental health services?

Our focus is on young adults age 16 – 29 as we know that they are experiencing many transitions and often don’t find what they need in child or adult services.
One of the most important elements of our service is a prominent, accessible, engaging hub location in the community that looks and feels like a café and where young adults can find all the support they need in one place.
Our programs are co-designed by professionals and young adults. Young adults serve as partners at every level of the organization, not only designing, but also delivering and evaluating all of our services.
At Stella’s Place, Peer Support is a core service so that young adults can get guidance and coaching from those who have already been there
Our programs are comprehensive, and respond to the whole person: their mental health, their physical health and wellbeing, their use of substances, their gender identity, their social and family connections, their creative interests, and the skills and strengths they bring to living, learning and working roles.
We partner with community-based organizations that are committed to changing the experience of young adults who are struggling with mental health challenges.
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At Stella's Place there is a community of people similar to me, a community that will keep growing, and I haven't found that anywhere else. Stella’s Place Community Member