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There is consistent recognition that Canada’s mental health services are not meeting the needs of young adults with mental health challenges.

During our development, we have engaged with many local, national and international leaders and mental health experts. Here’s what they have to say about the needs of young adults and how Stella’s Place is taking a step forward.

Barry Alper, Business Manager/Partner
Fresh Restaurants
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Mike Colle, MPP
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Simon Davidson, M.B., B.Ch., FRCPC Regional Chief
Specialized Psychiatric and Mental Health Services for Children and Youth CHEO
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Susan Davis, Executive Director
Gerstein Crisis Centre
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Gillian Gray, Executive Director
Family Outreach and Response
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The Hon. Michael Kirby, Founding Chair
Partners for Mental Health
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Amy Wakelin, Manager of Peer Initiatives
CMHA Toronto
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Catherine Zahn, MD, FRCPC President and CEO
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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Ari Zaretsky, MD FRCPC Psychiatrist-in-Chief
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
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“Stella’s Place will ensure that this vulnerable age group can access services in a way that makes sense to them, and will make a difference for them.”

The Honourable Michael Wilson Chairman, Barclays Capital Canada Inc.  Chancellor of the University of Toronto