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The Place for Young Adults with Mental Health Challenges

What is Stella's Place?

Designed by young adults, their families and professionals, Stella’s Place provides comprehensive mental health services for 16 to 29 year olds. We are building a community that focuses on positive, peer-engaging, strength-based recovery.

We offer a range of choices including peer support, clinical, employment, wellness, studio and recovery programs to help young adults learn skills, find connections and become empowered to manage their own health.

Who is Stella?

Stella is the young adult daughter of Stella’s Place Founder and President, Donna Green. It was Stella’s long journey through her own mental health issues that inspired Donna to create an organization in Canada where young adults and their families can get the help they need to recover. The first Stella’s Place location is in Toronto.

Today, Stella is thriving, both personally and professionally. She is a passionate spokesperson and advocate for Stella’s Place.

Who is Stella’s Place for?

Stella’s Place is for young adults between the ages of 16 and 29 with mental health challenges.

The most common problems for this age group are mood and anxiety disorders. Stella’s will also provide support to young adults with other mental health challenges.

Research indicates that 80 percent of young adults suffering from mental health issues will be using substances to self-medicate. For this reason, Stella’s will also provide treatment and connection to services for Concurrent Disorders and addiction issues.

Will there be support for families?

When our participants ask that family members be included in their treatment, we accommodate as best as we can. We also work with community partners to make sure that families and friends get the support they need.

How is Stella’s Place different than other mental health services?

Stella’s Place:

  • is specifically for young adults age 16 – 29
  • was co-designed with young adults. Input and feedback from our participants continues to guide decision-making
  • focuses on recovery and whole person wellness
  • encourages participants to assume leadership in their recovery with our support
  • focuses on ensuring choice and promoting self-management
  • is an integrated, young adult multi-service hub
  • is a a non-intimidating, non-stigmatizing community

How much will it cost?

All services at Stella’s Place are offered free of charge.

How is Stella's Place funded?

Stella’s Place is generously funded by private donations. We also have a growing number of corporate and government grants, private and public partnerships, and foundation fundings. We continue to explore a range of funding models to ensure that programs will be sustained until annual operating dollars are committed from government.

    How do I get services at Stella's Place?

    Young adults can connect with Stella’s Place:

    • by email – [email protected]
    • by phone – 416-461-2345
    • by visiting 18 Camden between 12pm-5pm Monday to Thursday
    • downloading the beanbag chat app to connect with a peer online (free to download from the app store here)

    Every Thursday afternoon at 3 pm, those interested in accessing service at Stella’s Place can attend an orientation session. Here you can hear about the full range of options available. We have several programs that you can connect with right away. To learn more about these programs, click here.

    Between noon and 5, Monday through Thursday, you can come to our Camden Street location and check the place out. We’ll offer you free coffee or tea, and talk with you about how you want to be involved and what connection, services and supports you might like. You will be in charge of how you get involved, and how much you feel like talking to others in the community. The first conversation will be informal and will focus on what you want. We are all about choice.

    Where is Stella’s Place located?

    Our Centre is located at 18 Camden Street, near Queen and Spadina, in the heart of downtown Toronto.

    How can I help Stella’s Place?

    Stella’s Place welcomes volunteers and community members to contribute in many ways. We are always in need of financial donations, fundraising advocates and volunteers. Every gift counts. Every conversation about the need for responsive services for young adults is worth having. Taking the time to talk about the impact Stella’s Place is having matters!

    Ways to give:

    • Online at
    • Via phone by calling: 416-461-2345
    • Via mail: Attn: Stella’s Place, 18 Camden Street, Toronto, M5V 1V1 ON

    How can I get more information about Stella’s Place?

    For more Information, please contact:

    Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube

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