Our Advisors

Stella’s Place has a number of advisory bodies that lead the organization: the Board of Directors, a Leadership Advisory Council (LAC), a Parents Advisory Council (PAC) , and a Young Adult Advisory Council(YAC) that is currently working as various co-design groups.

Young Adult Co-Design Groups

Stella’s Place uses a co-design process to create each of our program components. Each co-design team consists of young adults with mental health challenges, led by a young adult Peer Facilitator in a paid leadership role. These groups engage other Stella’s Place staff, as well as professionals, as relevant.Our design groups to date include:

Peer Conversations Group – 
the foundational group that contributed to building the peer support program and training requirements.
Peer Support Training Program Curriculum Design Group –
a group that discussed and designed the materials for the Peer Support Training Program that is offered in partnership with George Brown College.
Online Platform and App Co-Design Group –
 a group that is designing our online peer support platform and app.
Evaluation Working Group – 
a group that is thinking through the outcomes for young adults at Stella’s Place, and how to measure and track them.
onTRACK Co-Design Team –
 a group that is designing the fitness and wellness program that is offered in partnership with the Miles Nadal JCC.
Possibilities Co-Design Team –
 a group that is designing the Clinical, Recovery and Wellness programs and activities at Stella’s Place.

Board of Directors

Donna Green
Founder & President, Stella’s Place Co-owner & Director, Greenrock Investments Ltd. President, Director & Secretary, Glittering Investments Ltd.

Martha J. Tory
Treasurer & Director, Stella’s Place
Retired Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Megan Evans
Secretary & Director, Stella’s Place
Chief Legal & Risk Officer, The Hospital for Sick Children

Steve Wilson
Managing Director, Growth Matters

Colin MacDonald
Principal, Navigator Ltd.

Donald Blair
President & CEO, Pivotworks Business Systems Corporation

Melanie Lovering
Senior Lead Consultant, Philanthropy Partners

Dr. Mario Cappelli
Director of Mental Health & Psychiatry Research, CHEO Clinical Director, Summit Centre

Kari MacKay
Partner, Goodmans LLP

Leadership Advisory Council

Dr. Simon Davidson
Chief, Strategic Planning Executive of the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health Senior Advisor on Mental Health Policy and System Improvement, CHEO

Alan Greenberg
CEO, Minett Real Estate Services Co-Founder & Chairman, GreenSoil Investments

Dr. Marshall Korenblum
Chief of Psychiatry Hincks-Dellcrest Centre

Dr. Anthony Levitt
Chief, Brain Sciences Program Medical Director, Family Navigation Project Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Dr. Patrick McGorry

Director of Orygen Youth Health and Orygen Youth Health Research Centre Victoria, Australia

Karen Minden, C.M., Ph.D.
Founder, Pine River Institute and Foundation Partner, Minden Schipper & Associates

Jaime Watt
Executive Chairman, Navigator Ltd.

Dr. Ari Zaretsky
Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Founding Parent’s Council

Donna Green
Founder and President, Stella’s Place

Marylee O’Neill
Co-Founder and Vice-President, Stella’s Place

Diane McKenzie
Program Development Specialist PhD Candidate, Mental Health Program Evaluation

Stephanie Merrin

Management Consultant

Ellie Perkins, Ph.D
Economist and Professor, York University

Dana Colson
Doctor of Dental Surgery

Vivian Bercovici
Adjunct Professor, University of Toronto Faculty of Law

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