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Our Team

The Stella’s Team is growing as we develop programs and engage young adults as facilitators and peer supporters. We are committed to hiring staff with a diversity of experiences, and assertively hire young adults with lived experience of mental health issues. Our core organizational competencies are the basis for our hiring process, and we have an energetic, compassionate team. Each team member is committed to values-based practice, working collaboratively, with flexibility, and pioneering to create bold and responsive approaches to change the landscape of young adult mental health.

Our Core Team

Jenny Carver

Executive Director

Catherine Dyer

Director of Development

Gini Bevan

Manager of Clinical and Recovery Services

Kayla Cowan

Peer Support Worker

Jeanine Claus

Peer Support Worker

Venessa D'Souza

Peer Support Worker

Asante Haughton

Peer Training and Development Lead

Carol Krause

Stella's Studio Curator and Peer Supporter

Christine Grace McMulkin

Curriculum Development Co-Lead, Peer Support Training Program

Alicia Raimundo

Young Adult Engagement Facilitator

Max Thomson

Development and Communications Officer

Lucy Westell

Operations Manager

Stephanie Rattelade

Evaluation and Quality Experience Coordinator

Corine Carlisle


Alex Caturay

Family Physician

Franklynn Bartol

Peer Initiatives Manager

Lucia Jakobs

Programs and Operations Support

Dagmar Schroeder

Development Officer

Anne Gruel

Technical Writer

Alex Gosselin


Stephanie Mather


Emma Woolley


Christina D'agostino

Online Clinician

Heidi Sasek

Access Counsellor

Julian Waithe


Miriam Mc Laughlin


Robin Green

Access Counsellor

Asante Haughton

Peer Training and Development Lead

Danica Sergison

Online Peer Supporter

Rachel Bromberg

Online Peer Supporter

Minna Frederick

Online Peer Supporter

Staff Voices

“It means the ability to share, to share my life experience as a young adult with mental health and addiction issues, street-involved. And share those experience and relate to folks who might be experiencing the same thing. And also just to have some fun. And to build a community and enjoy each other’s company, and to share ideas.”
Matt Bell, Peer Support Training Mentor

“Stella’s Place means to me an opportunity for new thinking, fresh ideas and an alternative way of doing mental health.”
Shawn Pendenque, Peer Support Training Mentor

“One thing that Stella’s Place will also do is bring mental health treatment to the community and make it more accessible. And I think a critical part of recovery is also being comfortable in what you’re doing or comfortable with what you’re involved with and sometimes the clinical setting is not one that engenders this kind of comfort. So what Stella’s Place will do is circumvent that gap.”
Asante Haughton, Peer Support Training Mentor

“Right now I am working with an amazing team of professional and an amazing team of young adults to co-create something that’s never been done before…putting young adults at the forefront and at the centre of how we are designing and delivering and evaluating our programming. I’m excited more than anything to learn from young adults who are so passionate and wise and have so much experience to share with the rest of us.”
Rachel Cooper, Peer Initiatives Manager and Peer Mentor

“As a professional, I don't always have to have the answers because young adults have a good sense of what they need. Working with young adults keeps my work fresh and current and I am inspired and energized by their experience and passion.”
Kelly Robinson, Director of Clinical and Recovery Services

“It’s a great privilege to be part of a stellar group of young leaders and staff with such a diverse range of experiences. Each person is passionate about working together in a different way to make change. Our peer supporters and facilitators are leading the charge.”
Jenny Carver, Executive Director

“It's awesome to see a mental health service embracing technology. So many young people live their lives online, it's awesome that a place like Stella's Place wants to serve them there.”
Alicia Raimundo, Young Adult Engagement Facilitator