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Portrait of our new Executive Director of Stella's Place, Wangari Muriuki. Text above says "We are so excited to announce our new Executive Director at Stella’s Place!" and text bottom right says "Let us introduce you to Wangari Muriuki."

Let us introduce you to our new Executive Director!

Wangari Muriuki is an experienced team builder, advocate and activist. Throughout her career, Wangari has demonstrated leadership and compassion while embracing new and innovative approaches to service delivery across the fields of mental health and addictions, housing and precarity, with a focus on racialized and vulnerable communities. For more information and the press release, please see below.

The Stella’s Team is growing as we develop programs and engage young adults as facilitators and peer supporters. We are committed to hiring staff with a diversity of experiences, and assertively hire young adults with lived experience of mental health issues. Our core organizational competencies are the basis for our hiring process, and we have an energetic, compassionate team. Each team member is committed to values-based practice, working collaboratively, with flexibility, and pioneering to create bold and responsive approaches to change the landscape of young adult mental health.

Our Core Team

Staff Voices

“Stella’s Place means to me an opportunity for new thinking, fresh ideas and an alternative way of doing mental health.”

Shawn Pendenque

Peer Support Training Mentor

“One thing that Stella’s Place will also do is bring mental health treatment to the community and make it more accessible. And I think a critical part of recovery is also being comfortable in what you’re doing or comfortable with what you’re involved with and sometimes the clinical setting is not one that engenders this kind of comfort. So what Stella’s Place will do is circumvent that gap.”

Asante Haughton

Peer Support Training Mentor

“It's awesome to see a mental health service embracing technology. So many young people live their lives online, it's awesome that a place like Stella's Place wants to serve them there.”

Alicia Raimundo

Young Adult Engagement Facilitator

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