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Building A Community – Staff Retreat 2017

by | Jul 4, 2017

I have seen the staff team at Stella’s Place evolve from four, to eight, to 15, to our current buzzing group of about 30. Over three years, we have branched out, growing and changing both as individuals and as an organization. We have refined our words and our vision, getting to know Stella’s Place better, understanding what it can be and what we can be. Simultaneously, each new person who joins the team, with their fresh new brain, brings more facets to our community, helping us to push out at the edges and allowing us to constantly become More. This More requires energy, dedication, thoughtfulness, compassion, patience, and our entire 30-something crew of brilliant and passionate people.

On June 27th our team got to Retreat out of the city, make a physical break with our day-to-day reality, and spend a day building the community within our staff. We were able to attend as ourselves, leaving work behind in the traffic-ridden cloudy city. By creating the space for relaxing, talking, eating, playing and being we were creating the space for connecting with each other, strengthening our understanding of where we are coming from before we arrive at work each day. The staff at Stella’s Place has transformed an inspiring vision into an even more inspiring reality, resplendent with the complexity that each member of our team brings. Our ability to appreciate each other is the foundation from which we offer our services. We project this understanding and acceptance outward to young adults, valuing each of their stories and where they have been before they step through our doors.

This retreat was a chance to review where we are coming from, when we are so often so focused on where we are trying to get.

To see our staff in community building action, check out this Photo Album.

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