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Clinical Services

We understand that each young adult that comes to Stella’s Place will have different needs. For some people, it will be their first time connecting with peers and mental health services so they will need some time to understand and choose what approach will be best for them. So, we have a menu of services.

In addition to a range of peer-led recovery education activities and wellness programs, we offer access to a comprehensive assessment to help you develop a wellness plan that is right for you. We have a psychiatrist on hand as well as clinicians and peer supporters to help you choose services and put together your individual wellness plan. We promote individual goal setting and will support young adults to have maximum choiceregarding development and self- management of their health and mental health. If you choose to see a psychiatrist and consider medication, our multi-disciplinary team will follow up with regularly to help you get what you need.

Breaking it down, our clinical services, integrated with peer support approaches, include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Individual Wellness Planning
  • Evidence-based interventions (individual and group) including Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Emotion Regulation and Self Management Programs – Skills and Strengths for Health and Wellness
  • Specialized Streams focusing on Gender Identity, Substance Use, Trauma and Eating Disorders
  • Individual counseling (CBT, DBT and goal-focused therapies)
  • Many peer-led recovery programs like WRAP and PeerZone will be available to support wellness and recovery (see Peer Support)

For more information on our programs, please contact [email protected].

“Stella’s sees people as people, and treats people like people, and it fills a gap that’s really not been filled for a very long time. 
How cool it is to be part of something that I thought was impossible.”

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