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Fitness Workshop for Mental Health: SWAT Health x lululemon

by | Feb 23, 2019

A group photo of about 2 dozen people posing for a photo underneath the lululemon logo plaque on a red brick wall.
Swat Health x lululemon Cre

Swat Health x lululemon Participants in The Attic

As a community, we are coming together to work towards reducing the stigma around living with mental health challenges. Removing this stigma is a massive step forward to zone in on the undercover struggles that people deal with daily. Thankfully, the world is evolving, and the face of mental health is positively changing.

SWAT Health, as a health and wellness facility, wanted to connect Stella’s Place, lululemon, and Mastermind Bio-Wellness to create an experience that addressed mental health stigma. That is why we decided to host a fitness class in The Attic of the lululemon Queen St. store, in support of Stella’s Place.

At SWAT Health, we are proud to be a community-driven health and wellness company that provides curated care by integrating therapeutics with professional strength and conditioning coaching to support our clients in achieving a balanced lifestyle. Balance includes a strong mind, a strong body, and a strong support system.

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, I was inspired to connect people in a fun, friendly and fitness-focused way. I believe that we must keep striving, pushing forward and constantly challenging ourselves both physically and mentally. The intent was to introduce ways of healthy living and provide some useful coping mechanisms during hard times. Organizations such as Stella’s Place, engagement in physical fitness, and use of holistic mental recovery products, help deal with these daily struggles.

This event was full of energy, lots of smiling and sweaty faces! Fitness should be fun, it should be challenging both mentally and physically, with a feeling of success and achievement afterwards!

Working out is tough, feeling fatigued and sore is tough, dealing with mental health challenges is tough, but at the end of the day, knowing that we are all human and can support one another to live our best, healthy lives provides a sense of hope and security to all.

The article was written by Bree Lowry (BKin., CPT.) who is a Director of Health & Wellness, Strength & Conditioning Coach, at SWAT Health.


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