How Can I help my Friend?
How can I Help my friend? Cartoon character of boy icon is used in this infographics: Are you worried about a Friend but unsure how you can be the best support for them? we hope this graphic cna give you some insight on how to help your friend through a tough time. Next section Arrow down: My friend is in crisis If your friends is talking about suicide, has a plan, has acquired the means and has attempted suicide before, it is important to get them immediate help. If they are refusing help call 911. Another paragraph: It is important to remember that while they mght be upset with you at first, they will be alive to thank you once they are in a better state. You are not a bad friend for intervening. Another section down arrow: I think my friend is in Crisis Sometimes, it might not be clear if your friend is feeling suicidal or not. If they are: Saying things like " I want to die" , Isolating themselves , Giving away things they love, Acting differently on social media, Partying unsafely, Appearing to be really down. Another paragraph change Then they might be suicidal It's completely okay to ask them if they are suicidal, it will not put the thought in their head. Infact , they might be waiting for someone to ask so they can tell you. If they are not suicidal, they will just say no. Arrow down another section: My Friend is safe, But Having a Hard Time: Listening to your friend is one of the best things you can do. Just knowing that someone cares is an amazing feeling. You can also do things like: Ask them what they need from you,  Another line: Help them find support(googling , doing reasearch) another line: Spend time with them another line: Go over to their place and sit with them another line: Ask them how treatment is going  another line: Take them out to do something low energy and fun. Another Paragraph: If the topic of mental health makes you uncomfortable or you can't find the right words, try saying something like this to them: Next paragraph " Well, this just sucks. I wish i had a better way to say it,but my brain feels totally stuck right now. But i just want you to know that even though i might not always have exactly the right words, You will always have me. I am not going anywhere. So, i hope you are cool with that." Arrow down ward Another section: My Friend needs help, But Doesn't want it Another paragraph If your friend is having a tough time but refusing to seek help, it can be really hard on you. Its a common but very rough situation. There could be a number of fears or past experiences informing their decision not to get help. Next paragraph: Many People go through a stage like this, and will seek help in their own time. The best thing you can do is to listen and be supportive of them. You can put a list of resources together, and offer to go with them to try out the resource. One of our staff members even sought therapy first to show their friend it was okay. Another section That being said.. Down arrow: You are a good friend Even when you have to step away to take care of yourself.

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