Is Stella's For Me?
Is stella's Place for me? Are you Wondering if stellas place is the right Place for you? Here is a handy Guide to help you determine just that! (written with White text in Purple background one boy image is shown in the picture) You are between the Ages of 16 and 29 and live in Toronto (Written with black text in blue background imgae of girl wearing sport carrying basket ball on her hand on right man image with putting his hands in pant pocket, on right girl wearing purple t shirt and blue jeans wearing glass sitting in sofa working in laptop on right side a man wearing black suite saying something in mike, on right one lady holding book in her hand, one right of that one lady is sitting in wheel chair and on the right one man is painting). You want to be the lead Explorer You wnat to explore how to be in charge of your health and mantal health (icon of man). (Image of shadow of people) You want the best team You want to partner with people like you and professionals who get it and will work hard to help you achieve your goals going forward. Image of tool kit You want tools you want to learn skills and strategies to support your recovery (and may be teach us a thing or two tool) Then You should come check out stella's place! we look forward to welcoming you soon! To get involved email

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