Two women smiling with their heads in their hands, sitting on yoga mats in empty room with brick wall in the background

Jeanine (Stella’s Peer Supporter) & Laura (lululemon’s Yoga Instructor)

‘Giving without expectations’ is a rare and beautiful sentiment that Stella’s Place is experiencing first hand in our growing partnership with lululemon. 

In fact, it is the very vibe and energy one feels as soon as you walk in the doors of lululemon’s Queen Street West location, just around the corner from Stella’s Place.

From the latest community pop up set up in the front, to the open workspace in the back, and even the attic space upstairs that is used for yoga classes and workshops for instructors, the theme of the store is about giving back to the community and not expecting anything in return.

Hub curator Reggie Tenchavez is the brains behind the space and says he is constantly evolving what the store can be used for and how he can reach the Toronto community in new and different ways.

“lululemon has always been the “Yoga†company. We are rooted in yoga and mindfulness but there’s so much opportunity to bring in other communities like art, food and music,“ says Tenchavez.

A man and women sitting at a table in coffee shop with books and a waterbottle. Illustrated wall art of "Greetings from Toronto" in the background

Reggie Tenchavez (Hub Curator) & Lauren McCarthy (Store Manager)

Store Manager, Lauren McCarthy, adds that, “It’s an inclusive space, no matter what you do or who you are, you are welcome here.“

In a world where mental health is coming more to the forefront, and exercise is considered an important part of wellbeing, the partnership is a natural fit for Stella’s Place.

Two women facing eachother, high fiving with both hands, sitting on yoga mats in empty room with brick wall in the background

Jeanine (Stella’s Peer Supporter) & Laura (lululemon’s Yoga Instructor)

This special relationship started last summer when lululemon’s Community Manager, Mike Krupica, heard Stella’s Place was looking for fitness programs. He was quick to offer up the services of lululemon.

“I was waiting for the ‘and…. as in what do you need in return.’ We thought this was too good to be true,â€Â  says Dagmar Schroeder, a Development Officer at Stella’s Place.

It started as a running group, with a few participants going for a 1 km run around the block, but both the program and the stamina quickly grew. Soon they had a steady group able to run 5 kms.

Now yoga on Tuesdays and fitness on Wednesdays are free ongoing programs offered through lululemon.

“We all really enjoy working with Stella’s Place, “ says McCarthy. “Everyone here wants to get involved in some way, shape or form.â€

lululemon’s instructors reiterated this sentiment.

Three people( Two girls and one guy) standing side by side smiling in front of a wall of plants

Laura (Yoga Instructor), Pedro (Fitness Instructor), Lauren (Store Manager)

Laura Di Cecco just finished her yoga instructor training at the end of August and has been a big hit with Stella’s Place participants.

“I think it helps that I’m younger so there’s more relateability. We’re just hanging out, and less teaching,†says Di Cecco. “What I like most about this class is that we always check in on how people are feeling before and after. The coolest part for me is how big of a shift there has been when we’ve finished.â€

She told us how one participant said she had a hard time leaving the house and found the outside world stressful. Yet when she finished the class she felt grounded, and in a safe space.

“That was touching and inspiring,†says Laura. “It’s hard to put into words. It’s an intimate and energetic experience.â€

Quote on white background with black border "The inclusiveness of the class, being able to fully participate despite my physical limitations [was my favourite part of the group]." - Participant. lululemon and Stella's Place logo underneath

Pedro Malvar teaches the fitness class on Wednesdays and says it is classes like these that got him into fitness.

“It’s very meaningful to me. Fitness is an important outlet, especially when it comes to mental health,†says Pedro.

“I’ve tried to create a space where people are encouraged to just show up, and from there we move. If you don’t feel great, just move a bit. If you feel better, move a little more. Just showing up is the most important part.â€

He also says he has noticed a shift in the people who come in regularly and he loves seeing how positively it impacts their life.

“This is why I love what I do. It’s so touching working with people who are really benefiting from it,†says Pedro.

Quote on white background with black border "This class is really helping my breathing and regaining my strength [...] We could use another day of the week." - Participants. lululemon and Stella's Place logo underneath
McCarthy says this relationship is different from others lululemon has engaged in in the past.

“We’ve worked with many non-profits in the past. But to have this relationship with such a beautiful group as Stella’s Place, and to have developed it in a way where we’re not just giving space, is truly special. Our team as a whole feels connected with what we’re creating because it’s promoting more awareness around mental health.â€

McCarthy says, “We live in a world where there’s so much power behind openness and sharing thoughts and feelings. We want to be part of a community that is about supporting each other and not coping on your own.â€

As we look to improve the mental health within our community, it is apparent that lululemon is the ideal neighbour. THANK YOU!

Window with light coming through. Three plants and a frame sitting on the windowsill.

The Attic, lululemon’s Studio Space