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Peer Support

What is Peer Support?

Peer support is all about people sharing knowledge and experience and offering emotional, social or practical help to others who have similar experiences.

In the mental health and recovery world, we talk about people with lived experience connecting with a person who is also experiencing mental health challenges. This is peer support. Peer support allows individuals to share experiences and learning. Having walked the walk, a peer supporter can listen and respond from a place of true understanding. Being in a different place in their recovery process, they can communicate hope and optimism. The values of respect, choice and mutual sharing build the basis of the relationship.

At Stella’s Place, peer support is the foundation of our community. You will find trained young adult peer supporters greeting people at the door or online, leading programs, groups and activities, and connecting with community members individually. In addition, peer supporters help community members navigate the mental health system to get their needs met. Our online peer support platform offers one to one and group chat.

WRAP is an example of a program we offer.

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) is a group program that combines peer support with recovery education and action planning. The approach was developed in the United States by Mary Ellen Copeland in 1997 and has been a popular and impactful process for many people with lived experience in Canada. Stella’s Place has many community members who have taken WRAP and who are trained WRAP facilitators so we offer WRAP on an ongoing basis.

WRAP group members learn about the key concepts of recovery, including hope, self-determination, education, self-advocacy, personal responsibility and giving and receiving support.

With guidance from peer facilitators and fellow group members, participants learn how to compile a personal WRAP Plan, which includes:

  • Wellness tools and daily maintenance list
  • Triggers & action plan
  • Early warning signs & action plan
  • When things are breaking down & action plan
  • Crisis plan
  • Post-crisis plan

For more information about WRAP, click here.

How to connect with us

Young adults can connect directly with Stella’s Place, either online, by phone, or by coming to our Camden Street, Toronto location. Find out how to contact us.

For more information on our Peer Support program, contact:

[email protected]