Personal Health Information

Stella’s Place respects participant privacy and is committed to protecting personal health Information (PHI). PHI is any recorded information about a person, their health, and their health care that Stella’s Place collects and keeps in order to provide appropriate support. Current or past participants of Stella’s Place have a right to know about our privacy practices and can make a request to access or correct their own personal health information.

Accessible Customer Service

Stella’s Place and its employees are committed to diversity, inclusion and accessibility and will strive to provide accessible customer service in all interactions with each and every person who connects with us. We value our community and welcome feedback about our accessibility practices. These documents, and any other Stella’s Place public information, will be provided in an alternative format or with communication support upon request.

Participant and Community Feedback and Complaints

We want to hear from you! Stella’s Place welcomes all feedback about our organization and our work. Your feedback assists us in reviewing and improving our programs and services. If you were disappointed about something we did, or failed to do, we want to know about that, too. Stella’s Place has a process in place for handling informal and formal complaints. You can contact us in a variety of ways; We will respond promptly and work to resolve all problems that come to our attention.