On April 5th, our neighbours CrowdRiff, a Toronto-based marketing tech startup, hosted their inaugural community event, in support of Stella’s Place.

The art auction included Toronto photography, sourced and rights-cleared from social users using CrowdRiff’s platform. The 30 pieces on display showcased vibrant and unique elements of our city. The evening also hosted our very own Asante, performing an open mic piece, Liz talking about Stella’s Studio program and Nick Mallay, a super talented magician and Stella’s supporter, performing tricks on the audience!

The event was quickly sold out, with over 120 people attending. The setting was nothing less than spectacular, the space boasting exposed bricks and oversized windows, allowing for an intimate setting where people got a chance to mingle and make new friends. We also had a ‘Blue Chill-Out Room’ set up, with – you, guessed it – everything blue (blue walls, furniture, fidget toys, and even blueberries) for anyone looking for a relaxing spot, away from the crowd.

$5,000 was raised during the evening, thanks to the wonderful support of the organizers, CrowdRiff, and all participants. Most of us left home with a piece, acting as a reminder that what makes a community strong is not who comes together, but how we each choose to harvest our collective efforts. Stella’s is very grateful to CrowdRiff, for being such wonderful and selfless hosts, neighbours and community leaders, and to all supporters and participants who attended the evening.

About CrowdRiff

CrowdRiff is a Toronto-based tech startup that helps empower brands to harness the power of visual storytelling. We’re a quirky, diverse crew of humans who share a love of visuals and a passion for supporting our community.