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Stella’s Place Needs Your Help, Please Contact Your Local MPP!

by | Feb 28, 2017

Greetings Friends of Stella’s Place, 

Thanks so much for wanting to help! 

Please contact your local MPP, whose information can be found here. This website lists their Constituency and Queen’s Park offices. It would be extremely helpful if you could visit, call or email your MPP and let them know the impact that Stella’s Place is making with young adults.

Wondering what to say? Below are 4 speaking points. 

MPP Speaking Points 

1. Thank you: Acknowledge the recent announcement of $140M for mental health in Ontario, including funding for 9 integrated youth service hubs (https://news.ontario.ca/mohltc/en/2017/02/ontario-providing-faster-access-to-mental-health-services-for-thousands-of-people.html)

2. This is urgent:  Young adult mental health is a critical issue (1 in 5 will experience a mental disorder; 75{9cadc24d01bfe4b7558267a225af06f129ab991bc620b3fbbd3c2deb6c2dd6e3} emerge before age 25, 1 in 3 don’t get help, 60{9cadc24d01bfe4b7558267a225af06f129ab991bc620b3fbbd3c2deb6c2dd6e3} drop out if they do, social and economic costs are huge if mental health not addressed early)

3. The Solution: The Stella’s Place model is: 

A New Model: innovative, young adult driven, peer support integrated with evidence-based clinical and wellness services

Comprehensive: clinical therapies, peer support, fitness/wellness, education/employment supports, primary health, wellness, expressive arts

Accessible: online through social media and app and on site, downtown core walk in

Already Making a Difference: hundreds of young adults are already getting service, many more are coming to the door and reaching out online. They are staying connected and learning skills to support their mental health

4. My request:  that the government partner with Stella’s Place by matching private dollars raised by Stella’s Place with government funds already committed to youth hubs in Ontario. It’s an excellent opportunity for private-public partnership.

Stella’s Place can’t do it alone.  Fund Stella’s Place as one of the 9 youth service hubs.  They are already doing the work, engaging many young people with mental health challenges and seeing the results.


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