Strides Toronto Peer Support Program

 This partnership was created to involve Stella’s Place in the Peer Support Training element of the Gender Based Violence program at Strides, Toronto.

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Stella’s Place has been partnered with Strides, Toronto’s Gender Based Violence Program since November 2019. We have been able to adapt our Peer Support Training program to support folks who have experienced Human Trafficking and Gender Based Violence.  

Within this program, Peer Support Workers can pull from their personal experiences of Human Trafficking and Gender Based Violence and their training to encourage trauma recovery, build hope, confidence, and resilience within participants.

By pulling from their personal experiences, they are able to create a sense of validation and connection with folks who are going through these challenging experiences. The Peer Support Workers help to empower individuals to cope with difficulty and strive towards personal goals.

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The Partnership Continues

Stella’s Place continues to provide Peer Support Training, and monthly Community of Practice meetings for the Peer Support Workers within this program. This ensures that the Peer Support Workers are remaining within the scope of the role and are working well as part of the interdisciplinary team. They are also able to receive lived-experience-based supervision from the Stella’s Place Peer Initiatives Manager. 

A portrait of Allison, sitting against a large metal structure. Allison has long brown hair, is wearing a small necklace and a grey longsleeve shirt. She is smiling into the camera.

There’s something about talking to somebody who gets it, somebody who’s been there. Two people are going to navigate the world completely differently. But there are commonalities, there are common emotions, common feelings, common experiences that we can connect on.

-Allison Dunning, Peer Initiatives Manager