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What We Offer

What We Offer

There’s always lots going on at Stella’s Place. For young adults who are feeling distressed, who want to understand their mental health and how to manage it or are looking for a change (and a great cup of coffee!), it’s a good place to connect with other young people who have been there. We also offer support for families and caregivers.

There are many ways to connect with the Stella’s Place community, support and mental health services. Young people can connect with a peer supporter online through Beanbag chat (launching in fall 2016), come to our site at 18 Camden Street, Toronto, or complete the referral form (PDF or Word). We’ve also provided a consent form (PDF or Word) for your convenience. You can also send a message to ‘contact us‘.

At Stella’s Place, young adults can explore how to be in charge of their health and mental health, learn skills, get support from peers and professionals.

We offer a range of recovery, wellness, peer support, creative arts, employment and clinical services. Come and try everything from yoga and art to wellness activities and therapeutic groups. Peer supporters are on hand to help you figure out which of the following services are right for you. We change our programming often to keep things fresh so check out our schedule.

Our programs include a full menu of opportunities to learn, grow and support health and wellbeing. In the Stella’s community, we consider the strengths and needs of the whole person.

Our programs include a full menu of opportunities to learn, grow and support health and wellbeing.

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How to connect with us

Young adults can connect directly with Stella’s Place, either online, by phone, or by coming to our Camden Street, Toronto location. Find out how to contact us.

If you want to refer a young adult to Stella’s Place, please complete the referral form (PDF or Word). We’ve also provided a consent form (PDF or Word) for your convenience.

What our partners and community leaders are saying about Stella’s Place

For more information on our programs, referral processes and young adult community, contact:

416-461-2345 or [email protected]

“I feel like it’s a place where people can change the scope of mental health. And people can change how they see mental health. I see it as a place for everybody, no matter who or what you are. If you want to feel part of something, you should go to Stella’s Place.”
Stella’s Place Community Member