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360º Wellness

There is now a lot of evidence to support a clear connection between exercise and improved mental and cognitive health. Exercise, mindfulness, and yoga can be helpful for young adults experiencing mood and anxiety difficulties or any kind of stress. Getting involved in these activities in a supported group setting can also help people find friends and a sense of community. Understanding these links between good physical heath and overall wellness, Lululemon and Stella’s Place joined forces to develop and offer a Fitness and Yoga programs.  

This evidence-based, peer-supported fitness, recreational, wellness and physical program is offered free to young adults aged 16 to 29 with moderate mental health challenges and mood disorders. Young adults will find a balance between wellness activities such as yoga and mindfulness, fitness activities in the gym, and team-based recreational sports. The programs are delivered by highly qualified trainers from the Lululemon. There is also peer support – a young adult with lived experience will help you get comfortable and familiar with the space, and is there if you run into any difficulty or just need some support.


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