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Family Connect

At Stella’s Place, we know how important family and friends can be to you. When we talk about family, we mean anyone you decide is important to your health and wellbeing. It can be parents, grandparents, siblings and partners. It can also be close friends and anyone you choose to be part of your support system. Your family and friends also have questions and concerns and need some support. They might want to learn more about what you are experiencing, talk with a professional, or connect with other families. When your family is educated and supported, they are better able to help you work toward your goals and reach your dreams.

We also know that not everyone has supportive relationships with their families and may need space, or assistance to connect in positive ways with their family.

We have a partnership with Family Outreach and Response (FOR) so that we can offer education and support for families and friends. It’s a good way for them to connect with others and learn more. They can come to Stella’s Place to attend a group or seek individual support.

For more information about FamilyConnect, please contact [email protected]


“Stella’s Place fills a critical gap that gives young adults comprehensive tools and support 
to have better control of their mental health and frankly their whole lives.”

Parent, Stella’s Place Community

Holiday Closure

Please be advised that Stella’s will be closed from Monday Dec 25th to Jan 1st 2018. We will open Tuesday January 2nd, 2018. 


Happy Holidays!


If you are in crisis or need immediate assistance, please contact the Gerstein Crisis Centre at 416-929-5200 or call 911.

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