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A Caring Corporation: Invesco

A photo of Bora and Shannon speaking to Dagmar Schroeder at a Stella's Place event.

Invesco Cares Toronto, the charity arm of investment company Invesco here in the city, has been a generous corporate partner for the last three years. Invesco Cares first approached Stella’s Place after their charity committee, which is run entirely by employees, decided they wanted to take action on mental health.

A large corporate office room full of people sitting at tables, listening to Funmi, former Stella's Place Peer Supporter, speak.

Former Stella’s Place Peer Supporter, Funmi, giving a presentation for Invesco back in 2019 

Bora Han, head of the Toronto charity committee, explains why they chose Stella’s Place: “Because we’re an investment management firm, we understand the importance of our future generation and so investing in [them] is very important, whether it’s through our involvement in trying to teach financial literacy or ensuring that our future generation has resources they can go to to get help…I think [Stella’s Place] does an amazing job offering the programs that [they] do.”

A quote from the article featured on a textured green background "Because we’re an investment management firm, we understand the importance of our future generation and so investing in [them] is very important..."

At the end of every year, the charity committee meets to take stock and decide whether they want to continue to support the organizations from the previous year or whether they want to support new initiatives.

“We try to focus on smaller organizations that are not heavily funded by the government and where we can truly make a difference with the support that we provide. That’s why we continue to support Stella’s Place,” Han explains.

Invesco Cares knows that at Stella’s Place, their contribution goes a long way toward helping run crucial programs for young adults in the city.

A photo of Bora and Shannon from INVESCO at a Stella's Place event, sitting down at a table across from staff member, Dagmar.

Bora and Shannon pictured here at a Stella’s Place Champions Luncheon in 2020

Han adds that the committee not only believes in the mission of Stella’s Place, but they also appreciate that the Stella’s Place team keep them up-to-date on what’s happening, that they’ve been able to visit the building and meet some of the staff, and that they are invited to participate in events:

“What really drives the recurrence of partnering up with a charity and continuing to support is having that great relationship.”

A photo of a bunch of paint tubes lined up together. In the foreground, there are some lying down on a table, slightly blurred and in the background, there are tubes standing up in focus.

Stella’s Place has received multiple generous shipments of in-kind donations from Invesco, including art and office supplies.

The feeling is mutual: over the past three years, Stella’s Place has been the recipient not only of generous cash donations but also strategic advice and campaign feedback, as well as frequent in kind donations. Invesco staff organize internal events and drives to collect art and craft supplies, and reach out if there’s something they think might be of interest to us. A delivery van of office supplies left over from their office move pulled up just last week, the result of a collaboration between our operations manager, Hannah Iland, and Invesco’s Facilities Manager, Sandra Liakos. We truly feel cared about, and are deeply appreciative of this partnership and all the staff at Invesco who continue to nurture it. THANK YOU!

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