Frequently Asked Questions

Program Related Questions

How is Stella’s Place different than other mental health services?

At Stella’s Place we integrate mental health peer support services with traditional clinical approaches. Peer support is an evidence based approach that is proven to transform mental health service experiences and improve health outcomes. Peer Supporters are folks who have lived experience within the mental health system and who have specialized training. Traditional clinical approaches include our therapy groups and individual counselling services. Some folks find it most helpful to work within one of these programs and others prefer a mix of both.
At Stella’s Place we work from a trauma informed and anti oppressive perspective. This means that we recognize the widespread impact of trauma and understand that individual recovery has many pathways.  

How much will services cost?

All services at Stella’s Place are offered free of charge.

Are you open during COVID-19?

We are offering all our services in a virtual setting. Our building is currently closed. Check back for updates. 

How can I access services?

You can access our drop-in virtual services through same day registration. These programs are available weekly and do not require an intake. This section of our website provides an overview of all our programming including the pathways to service.
If you are interested in our registered programming you can submit a request for an intake. Please note there is a wait time for an intake appointment and to access the registered programs. 
If you have any questions or want to connect further please contact our Access Team:

Do you offer services for young adults outside of Toronto?

Stella’s is an organization that supports young adults between the ages of 16-29 who reside in central Toronto only.

Do you offer Peer Support training?

Stella’s Place is not offering peer support training at this time.  A peer support training external to Stella’s Place is offered through the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario.

Are there services for families?

We do not offer services for family members. However, we have relationships with other organizations who do:

We have a list of other resources for families and friends here.

Support Related Questions

How is Stella's Place funded?

Stella’s Place is generously funded by private donations. We also have a growing number of corporate and government grants, private and public partnerships, and foundation fundings. We continue to explore a range of funding models to ensure that programs will be sustained until annual operating dollars are committed from government.

Check out our list of supporters here.

How can I help Stella's Place?

Stella’s Place welcomes community members to contribute in many ways. We are always in need of financial donations, fundraising advocates and third party fundraisers. Every gift counts. Every conversation about the need for responsive services for young adults is worth having. Taking the time to talk about the impact Stella’s Place is having matters!

Are you looking for volunteers?

Currently, Stella’s Place does not have a formal volunteer program. We do, however, accept volunteers with specialized skills to support our operations as needed. Keep an eye out on our Careers Page for future opportunities.

Do you offer internship/placement opportunities for students?

Thank you for your interest in Stella’s Place. We’re glad to hear that our organization appeals to you, and feels like it would be a good fit for your learning needs. Here at Stella’s Place, we have existing relationships with a few universities and we are committed to taking students from these specific programs each year. Due to these commitments, we aren’t able to offer additional practicums at this time. We thank you for reaching out and we wish you all the best in successfully finding a placement for your learning needs.