Mission, Vision & Values

Who Are We?

We are THE place for young adults in Toronto, aged 16 to 29, who are experiencing mental health challenges to get the support they need.

We work to help young adults learn skills, build community and be empowered to manage their own mental health.

The Stella’s Place ‘menu’ includes peer support, clinical services, employment support, wellness, art, and recovery programs. 

Mission, Vision and Values

A Stella's Place peer supporter and clinician sitting down together, looking over course material. In front of them on the table are objects used in therapy, such as stress balls, a jar of glitter and rocks.


Partnering young adults and professionals to provide a collaborative, innovative model of mental health services.


Healthy, resilient young adults living the lives they choose.


At Stella’s Place, we value the capabilities and contributions of young adults, as we seek breakthrough innovations that benefit our community and society as a whole. We also value:

  • Inclusiveness, diversity and equity
  • Accessibility and a sharing of knowledge
  • Creativity along with a strengths-based approach

Get in Touch

Please contact us Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm by emailing connect@stellasplace.ca or phoning our main line at 416-461-2345.

If you need urgent assistance please call 911. If you are experiencing severe mental distress or are in crisis, and are in Toronto, call The Gerstein Centre at 416-929-5200.

A photo of a wall in the Stella's Place café. A very bright and vibrant wooden shelf hung up on the wall has books, stuffed animals, drawings and more plastered all over.

“I really don’t think there is anywhere else like this. I can only imagine how many other young people are stuck in the darkness, trying to find help. I don’t know what I would have done without Stella’s Place, without the DBT program here, it changed my life!”

-Stella’s Place Community Member