Co-Design With Us

Help us design our programs and services for future participants.

Co-Design is at the core of everything that we do.

Would you like to help inform our programs and services? We are looking for current and future participants’ help to design our mental health programs!

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A piece of artwork with lots of colours and doodles with letters that read "Nobody's got it all figured out."

Why Co-Design?

We believe that having the perspective of our participants — the young adults in our program development is essential for success. You can share what aspects of our programs are effective, which can be improved and new ideas to connect with participants.

A big sheet of paper with hand drawn marker messages on it with "Stella's Studio Comfort Agreement" at the top.

A comfort agreement at Stella’s Studio

A photo of a piece of paper containing a word map drawn out and to the left, a hand coming into the photo with a thumbs up. On the word map in the middle it says "Stella's Place Values" in a heart shape. Around the heart are smaller bubbles with more words "Humour, Transparency, Resilience, Community, Self-Reflection, Harm Reduction, Self & Collective Care, Anti-Ableist, Perserverance, Vulnerability, Accessibility, Genuineness, Authenticity, Unconditional High Regard, Creativity, Vulnerability"

Stella’s Place Values

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