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Raise money for the future of mental health.


There are so many different ways to support young adult mental health and raise awareness. Our team at Stella’s Place is here to help along the way.

Check out some ideas to get started and 5 simple steps to starting your own fundraiser!

A photo of 2 people at the Yorkville Run holding signs up in the air and smiling for the camera. The person on the left is holding a green canvas with the Stella's Place logo and the person on the right is holding an orange sign with letters "THANKS! For your support". In the background behind them is a crowd of people.

Organize a Fundraiser in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1

E-mail A member of our team will contact you to discuss your ideas.

Step 3

Promote your event! Please provide us with drafts of your promotional material for final approval. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts

Step 5

Coordinate with Stella’s Place team to transfer the funds raised. We will post a thank you on our social media!

Step 2

Stella’s Place will supply approved branding and communications assets (e.g. logos, photos, etc.) and will offer to create your very own fundraising page.

Step 4

Enjoy the day & have fun! If we can, we’ll have one of our reps attend the event.

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

An image showing about a dozen people dressed in Stella's Place shirts running and walking, facing away from the camera,on a road, surrounded by green trees and a blue sky.

Let’s Get Moving

Host a virtual workout class or organize a golf tournament. Check out, a free online platform to create a virtual golf event.

Run or walk a 5K or commit to cycling for 24 hours and ask friends and family to support your journey.

Time to Socialize

Host a get together with friends, colleagues or family over video chat. Just how you would organize an in-person soiree, but all virtual!

Involve your online community by fundraising for a cause using or other similar platforms.

A screenshot gif of 9 people dancing in their homes on zoom.
A group of people singing passionately to Linkin Park, wearing merch at the Chester Bennington Tribute Party

Flex Your Creative Muscles

Do you paint, photograph or write? Create a virtual auction to support Stella’s Place through your talents.

Have a skill to share? Host a webinar or teach a class online with the option to donate a registration fee to Stella’s Place!

Non-monetary Ways to Support

Like, comment and share! Simply engaging with Stella’s Place on social media is a great way to support what we do. Spread the message about young adult mental health to reach new people and inspire others to get involved.

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An image of a person holding up a cell phone. The person has their back to the camera and is in the foreground, heavily blurred out. The phone is in the middle of the photo, capturing an event in front of the camera that is also blurred out.

“I believe in places like Stella’s Place that cater to those that are in that in-between stage of support. When people who are in need are put on a wait list, it gets worse and worse, and then sometimes it’s too late. Places like Stella’s Place are so vital. Letting people express themselves, being a part of this warm environment is amazing.”


-Wing Tse & Alex Hoerner, [s]mileage

Fundraiser Inspiration

A group of people singing passionately to Linkin Park, wearing merch at the Chester Bennington Tribute Party

McGroarty Bre-Ezies Golf Tournament

The McGroarty’s family hosted a golf event, complete with levels, sponsors and prizes, as a part of their yearly fundraiser.

A photo of a fashion show with a model walking down a runway lined with people in the audience sitting down. The image is mostly dark with light coming in from windows in the ceiling above and a bright purple neon light in the left corner. There are small yellow string lights hung up in the background.

AVRA Fashion Show

The Bishop Strahn School community hosted a fashion show at Wynchwood Barns with vendors and speakers.

A group of people singing passionately to Linkin Park, wearing merch at the Chester Bennington Tribute Party

Linkin Park Tribute Party hosted by Pink City

For two years in a row, Pink City has hosted a tribute party for Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and donated the funds raised.

“We decided to fundraise at the event because we believe that part of healing is giving back to our community. We chose Stella’s Place specifically, because we wanted to give back to an organization that was inclusive and dealt with issues around mental health. We want to have a part in healing the city.”


Bianca Harris, Founder of WIPP
(Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose)

Ready to Start Fundraising?

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Our cast and crew voted on which charity to support, and overwhelmingly chose Stella’s Place, due to their incredible mental health services for young adults. The importance of youth mental health resonated so strongly with our community that we are currently developing a new teen musical on similar themes.


-Young Artists of Bravo Academy