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Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose (WIPP), In Support Of Stella’s Place

by | Apr 17, 2019

A dark photo with light coming from the projection on the wall with a collage and the sentence "You are loved" repeated 3 times. There is a string of yellow lights curled around on the floor in front.

Why did you decide to organize this event?

The reason WIPP (Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose) decided to organize HEAR2HEAL was because we wanted to design a space where people could immerse themselves in a healing environment. Sound baths have been useful for me in dealing with depression, anxiety, and addiction. The poetry was to connect us all in a powerful way.

WIPP Event: Presentation, person sitting at the front of the room, wrapped in lights. Screen in the background that says "Can you head" with artwork. Audience is in darkness.

Why did you choose to fundraise?

We decided to fundraise at the event because we believe that part of healing is giving back to our community. We chose Stella’s Place specifically, because we wanted to give back to an organization that was inclusive and dealt with issues around mental health. We want to have a part in healing the city.

WIPP event:Projected screen on wall with art that reads "You are loved" 3 times.  A pile of neon lights sit on the ground surrounded by darkness.

It is always important to give back in your healing process. – Bianca Harris


Why is young mental health and holding conversations around healing important?

It’s important to always hold conversations around mental health and healing because part of the process is speaking up about the issues that exist within our community. It’s important to start healing at a young age. Young adults deal with so much on their own. It is a difficult time to navigate this period and support systems are needed to help our young people. Organizations such as Stella’s Place ensure that young adults have access to the help they need to live the life that they deserve.

WIPP Speaker at the front with a microphone holding out their hand. Audience in the foreground. A projected screen is on the wall with artwork.

What was the setup of the night?

THE SPACE: We wanted the space to feel cozy and comfortable for everyone. Comfort and closeness was important to us so that the energy could be felt throughout the room. We added candles and lighting to set the mood for the sound bath portion of the night.

POETRY: We started the night with poetry so everyone could get a sense of togetherness. Through poetry, we wanted to show how everyone goes through similar experiences and how although everyone’s healing journey is different, we are all healing in some form or another.

INTERMISSION: After our amazing poets had set the vibe in the room, we set an intermission so that everyone could mingle and speak about their journeys. During this time, our artist Tahsin showcased her work.

SOUND BATH: Once everyone returned from intermission, Alexandria led our sound bath portion of the night. Through vibrations of sound, she invited our guests on a journey / meditation that allowed everyone to unplug and experience healing through sound.

WIPP Event

What were some of the highlights of the night?

Witnessing the room filled with so many people and recognizing that they were all present for the same reason: HEALING.

Listening to our poets share personal pieces about their healing journey and seeing how everyone had similar experiences.

Speaking to some of the people who attended the event and hearing about the positive impact the night had on them. It was amazing to hear and see that we made an impact on people’s healing journey.

WIPP Empty stage surrounded by pillows on the ground. A wooden stool sits in the middle and artwork is projected onto the screen behind.

The WIPP team is filled with gratitude and love after our HEAR2HEAL event. To know that we have touched so many people and impacted their journey in a positive way fills our hearts. We hope that our WIPP family, who continuously shows up for us, understands that they are also a part of our journey. HEAR2HEAL also opened our eyes to how we are all just human…we are all doing our best and we all deserve a moment of healing. We love our ever growing family and we hope to share more love with you all soon !

A big thank you to all those who helped make the event a success:

Art installation by Tahsin @tahsinthegood

Sound bath by Alexandria @theonlyalexandria

Poets: Yemisi @yemi.sees

Dae @daethepoet

Keosha @Keoshaloveee

Sabrina Benaim @badass_sab

Sumiko @Sumikoaw

Gisti Asante @dark_organic

Article Photography: Alex Sawatzky