Building Together: The Future Home of Stella's Place

A concrete commitment to the future of young adult mental health
Portrait of Lereen standing outside of 54 Wolseley Street, the future home of Stella's Place. Lereen is looking to the right off into the distance with a serious, determined expression on her face. She has two pearl earrings in her ears and long hair hanging over one shoulder, wearing a white shirt with a black coat overtop. Behind her is the building with 54 Wolseley written above her.

We are $1.7 million away from completing this vital healing hub in the heart of downtown Toronto.

This welcoming three-storey 11,222 square foot building will be a permanent home. It will double our capacity and offer a wide range of services all under one roof.

Dark purple and blue thermometer graphic that outlines the remaining funds needed for our new building. The thermometer is set for $13million and filled to $11.3million

With the generous support of the Green Sanderson Family, Stella’s Place has launched a $500,000 matching gift initiative to accelerate the completion of our new home. Your investment today will allow us to open doors next year, in the Fall of 2021.

A portrait of Donna (left) and Stella Green (right) in their home. They are standing in front of a brick fireplace with an oil landscape painting in the background. Donna and Stella are smiling into the camera and Stella is leaning with one arm on Donna's shoulder. Stella has short light hair and is wearing a red plaid button up shirt. Donna has dark mid-length hair and is wearing a plain black shirt.

Canada’s mental health system is failing young adults. Emergency rooms are over-whelmed and ill-suited to treating young people for their mental health struggles. Untreated mental illness is debilitating, and all too frequently has tragic consequences.

By age 25, approximately 1 in 5 Canadians will have developed a mental illness.
Less than 20% will receive appropriate treatment
Suicide is the #1 health related cause of death for people between the ages of 15 and 24

At Stella’s Place, we have designed and are delivering a solution that is responsive to the needs of young adults while relieving the strain on hospitals.

Big letters in red read "EMERGENCY" in a sign outside a hospital

Economic Impact

Stella’s Place is keeping young people out of emergency departments and costly inpatient services, saving Ontario $2.75M in direct costs annually.

Employment participation outcomes save an additional $2.88M in social assistance payments, while increasing provincial income tax payments by $232,000.

More Than Bricks & Mortar

Stella’s Place at 54 Wolseley will be a a vital healing hub with:

Vibrant, open spaces bathed in natural light, uplifting the senses and fostering a spirit of hope

Natural materials and green space, soothing the body and grounding the mind

Unobstructed sightlines and intuitive building navigation, promoting a sense of ease and belonging

Architectural drawing of the new building cafe for Stella's Place featuring the entrance ramp and lounging chairs
Architectural drawing of the new building cafe for Stella's Place

Modern technology and multi-media resources, supporting the spectrum of young adult learning styles and enhancing experiential healing

Inclusive, barrier-free design, respecting the dignity of all individuals

Multi-function room design, accommodating our wide menu of current and future programs

Fully equipped community and teaching kitchens, encouraging sharing and holistic wellness

Comfortable and flexible work space for staff, expanding our ability to create, collaborate, innovate and grow

We have outgrown our leased space at 18 Camden Street and must relocate—or risk turning away young adults in need. A newer, larger and permanent flagship location will reassure our young adult participants that Stella’s Place is here to stay.

From 18 Camden to 54 Wolseley
From leased to owned
From 5,772 feet to 11,222 square feet
From inaccessible to fully accessible
From 1 group meeting room to 5 group meeting rooms

Together, we will forever transform the mental health of young adults.

The Building for Mental Health Capital Campaign is an unprecedented opportunity for you to make a significant impact on our young people, our city, and our country for generations to come.

Show Young Adults They Matter

We have a shared responsibility to ensure our next generation gets the crucial help they need at a critical time in their lives.

Supporting the Building for Mental Health Campaign is one of the most visionary investments you can make. Together we will build the future of mental health, today.

Since 2017, we have raised $11.7 million, over 80% of our goal.

You can choose to have a profound impact on countless young adult lives. With a gift to the Building for Mental Health campaign you will join a group of visionaries and city builders who are taking matters into their own hands and are actively shaping the future of mental health for our young people.

“It’s not easy having a child (now a young adult) who needs professional attention and none is available. I’ve lived that anguish. That’s why my family and I founded Stella’s Place.” —Donna Green, Founder & Board Chair

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