Photo of Kathleen Wynne giving speech in front of crowd at podium that says "Mental Health Matters"

TORONTO, ON March 21, 2018 Stella’s Place thanks the Premier Wynne and the Liberal government of Ontario for the monumental investment they are making into the mental health system which was announced today. This allocation of $2.1 billion over four years will have a lasting positive impact on those seeking mental health care, families supporting those struggling and organizations working to provide services that are desperately needed.

Jenny Carver, Executive Director at Stella’s Place, a new mental health centre serving young adults 16 – 29 in Toronto comments that:

“we see hundreds of young adults who haven’t been able to find the help they need. This historic infusion of funding is game changing. This will build hope and ensure a future for many young Ontarians.â€

Alicia Raimundo, Online Peer Supporter at Stella’s Place shared her response to hearing this announcement,

“I held back tears. For the first time in my life I felt like we could actually fix our mental health system. Young people won’t have to experience the lack of services I did. This is life-changing. I hope this doesn’t get torn down by the next government.â€

This is a collaborative funding strategy that will increase accessibility across the province. Young people need to be able to get support early, in school, from their doctor, through their communities, at a youth service hub or even from a 24/7 crisis line. These community-based services are lifesaving. Young adults who are marginalized, racialized or isolated need to be a priority.

In 2013, Donna Green founded Stella’s Place after struggling for years to find help for her daughter, Stella, who was battling severe anxiety. Stella’s Place is a registered charity offering peer, clinical and online mental health services for young adults 16 to 29. It is funded through grants and donations.

Further information can be found at  Jenny Carver, Executive Director, is available for more information and interviews or 905-836-2032. Alicia Raimundo, Online Peer Supporter, is available for more information and interviews or 647-381-7801.