We’ve all felt the darkness of not knowing, and of knowing, feeling or witnessing real internal struggle. Mental health challenges have impact, colouring us complex, and for many previous decades they threw a silent shadow over a person’s entire life. In a time when we can finally speak mental health, how do we work together to cast light over the inner landscapes? How do we really help each other?

We are here, standing on the edge of new ways of being.

We are young people searching for meaning and purpose in a world more together and yet more isolated than ever. A generation facing possibility grander than previously imaginable, but daunted by the pressure to fulfill that expectation.

So much to do, so much to be.

And the challenges can seem insurmountable. The needs of ourselves and others overwhelming. The complexity of the intersections exponential.

We, a generation absorbing the shock waves of the current tectonic transitions rippling through the foundations of our lives — work, family, technology, culture, identity, politics and society.

We are facing entirely new challenges and we have to help each other.

And we can. We have capacity at our fingertips, individually and collectively. We have creativity and power and ability. We can create safe spaces now so that there are places to go when we need support. Let’s invest in safe communities of support for our present and future selves, but also for our present and future friends, for our family, for strangers and for those who will follow the paths we are forging. So that we can all speak mental health, embrace complexity, and live fully in both darkness and in light.

Stella’s Place offers a safe space and strengths-based support for young adults to learn about themselves and their mental health. It has given me a space where I can connect with others, and reach out to others in return. It has given me words I didn’t know would help and a community I didn’t know I needed. But it was here, for me.

Having learned ways to seek support and ways to give it, I can carry these with me into my life beyond work.  

We are each other’s future.

Learn more at stellasplace.ca/mysafespace and support Stella’s today with a donation.


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