Why Donate

Your donation can help us change the landscape of young adult mental health.

Our approach at Stella’s Place is different. Our programs are effective and our model works.

Why Donate

A group of people participating in a DBT skills session in the new Stella's Place facility.

We bring young adults into the conversation.

By embedding their perspectives, we are able to develop programs that yield impressive retention and completion rates.

We pair young adults with peers and professionals who get it.

Young adults go through every step of the way with someone who has been there.

A photo of a Stella's Place Clinician leading a DBT Skills group

We embrace a cycle of learning and adapting.

The needs of young adults are constantly changing, and so are we. We continuously evolve our approach to serve them better.

  The statistics of young adult mental health

40% of young people are at a mental health breaking point, and over 30% of them cannot access the support they need.

The next generation of mental health can’t wait a minute longer.

With no annual government funding, we rely on the generosity of funders to support all that we do, and keep programs free to all participants.


Get in touch with us by emailing development@stellasplace.ca, or calling 416 461 2345

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I really don’t think there is anywhere else like this. I can only imagine how many other young people are stuck in the darkness, trying to find help… I don’t know what I would have done without Stella’s Place… it changed my life!”


-Stella’s Place Community Member

A photo of a bunch of people in the Stella's Place café, sitting down in a circle, all laughing together

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